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Efficient Stacking for Higher Production Performance

Optimize your production with our customized stacking solutions for the woodworking industry, furniture industry, and other sectors.

Precise stacking for increased efficiency

At Grombach Maschinenbau, we understand that precise stacking is a crucial factor for the efficiency of your production. That’s why we offer tailored solutions for stacking wood and wood-based panels that optimize your production process and increase production yield. Our stacking machines are known for their high precision, flexibility and user-friendliness and are customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. With our experienced team and innovative technology we are ready to help you increase productivity and reduce costs. Learn more about our customized stacking solutions and contact us for individual consultation. 

Efficient stacking for seamless production

Our solutions are designed to assist you in optimizing your production processes. We offer a variety of stacking solutions to meet your requirements, from manual stacking solutions to fully automated stacking systems. We take pride in helping you eliminate bottlenecks in production, increase throughput, and reduce operating costs. Learn more about our stacking solutions and how we can help you maintain smooth and efficient production.

Unstacking Systems
  • Robots
  • Gantry systems
  • Folding rail unstacking
  • Compact systems
  • Longitudinal or transverse
  • Seamless stack change
  • Continuous production
  • Stacking substrate management

Optimize your production processes and increase your efficiency with our automatic stacking system. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and get a non-binding quote.